Insurance and Payment Options

Our billing department is committed to making sure you know all of the details about your payment options, whether they involve private group insurance, auto insurance, a worker’s compensation claim or paying cash.

Billing Your Private Group Insurance

We will bill your insurance company if they offer chiropractic benefits and cover treatment rendered at Berntsen Chiropractic. We encourage you to educate yourself about the details of your chiropractic coverage before receiving treatment. Our billing department is happy to do a complimentary verification of your chiropractic benefits prior to your first appointment. Please call ahead with your insurance information and we will verify your benefits. If your plan doesn’t cover treatment at our clinic, please look at your options below.

Automobile- or Work-Related Accident?

Auto insurance and workman’s compensation insurance are mandatory in Oregon and, if your claim is accepted by the insurer, your chiropractic care will be covered at 100 percent. No MD referral is necessary and for either type of claim, you can go to the doctor of your choice. We properly manage your insurance claim so that you don’t have to worry about the administrative part of it and can concentrate on your recovery.

No Insurance?

If paying at each visit is not financially feasible for you, our accounts manager will meet with you to set up a monthly payment amount that is comfortable for you.