Welcome to Berntsen Chiropractic

Your Path to Recovery

You may have an acute or chronic injury that is a minor bother to you, or completely disrupting your life. Maybe you were hurt from a car collision, job accident, working in the garden, or sitting at the computer all day. Whatever the cause of your health problem, our expertise is in discovering the precise nature of your condition, and then providing you treatment that gives you the results you want. Our goal is to help you attain the highest level of health and vitality, within the shortest period of time. We want you feeling great!

A Patient-Centered Approach

We start by listening to you and learning how your problem began. We do a comprehensive examination that provides us the information we need, to help you. We answer your questions and talk with you until you have a total understanding of your injury. We then recommend treatment that will help you to heal as quickly as possible. We start you on your path to recovery.